Marvel Universe

Weapon X
Who are they
v1 #1

''Who are they" v1 #1

Ben is on the run from Hydra who want the Splinter Cell device that is implanted in his body. While he is running he meets he crashes on Smiths office ledge. who help him fight off the Hydra hit squad. During the fight Ben is injured pretty badly, bad enough that his mutant healing ability was unable to heal him quick enough. The SHIELD response team who arrives agrees to take Ben to a safe house for him to heal. However, on route they are stopped by Magneto, who warns Ben not to trust the Homo Sapiens/Humans and specifically SHIELD. Ben is freaked out enough to listen but not enough for him to join up with him. He joins up with Smith and Goodman Grey. They decide to hold up in the guest wing of Smiths home.

Later on in the night the a group of anti-mutant hunters calling themselves the Marauders. The group kills all but one of the attackers. It is not known why they attacked.


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