Misc People

Wilson Fisk: President/CEO of Fisk Industries

Matthew Murdock: Defense Lawyer, specializes in super powered individuals

Pepper Potts: Assistant to Tony Stark, runs the day to day of Stark Industrial

James Rhodes: Pilot for Tony Stark

Happy Hogan: Bodyguard to Tony Stark

J. Jonah Jameson: Owner and Editor in Chief of the Daily Bugle

Edwin Jarvis: Owner of the Avengers Mansion. Runs the day to day minutia of the Avengers, IE, food ordering/cooking, payroll, bills, etc.

Thaddeus Ross: retired Army general, current Secretary of Defense

Reverend William Stryker: former Sergeant in the Marine Corp. Is now a Preacher and a televangelist. His followers call themselves the Purifiers because of the anti-mutant, Pro-Human leanings.

Senator Robery Kelly: Currently promoting the Mutant Registration Act, anti-mutant leader

Bolivar Trask: Noted Genetics expert and inventor

King Namor of Atlantis

King [[T'Challa]] of Wakanda

Misc People

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