Real Name: Ray Miller

Alias: Smith 

Power Type: X-Gene/Mutant

Power: Capable of creating large amounts of metal.  


Miller grew up in a rich family and already had a basic education in economics, so rather than crashing the economy and ruining his family's fortunes, he hired several economists to help him sort out what metals he could safely make in what quantities. He works closely with several industrial supply companies, limiting the metals he puts onto the market to prevent damaging the economy.  Despite that oversight, he has sold enough to become filthy rich.  For a few metals that are very difficult to find on Earth, he has completely blown out the existing markets. Those were primarily research driven, since these metals were rare enough that no one has developed industrial uses for them yet.  He has been contracted by Damage Control, Inc several times to help repair the metal portions of buildings damaged by various super human battles.


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