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 Welcome to Earth-12456783. 

A world much like you know, except it has super powered beings. People who use their powers for good and/or evil.

The world as you know it resembles the marvel comic book world you may remember from the 90's.  However, it is missing major events, events that may or may not happen in the future.

Some key info:


Who are they v1 #1: Ben is on the run from Hydra who want the Splinter Cell device that is implanted in his body. While he is running he meets up with Smith and Goodmen Grey who help him fight off the Hydra hit squad. Later on in the night the a group of anti-mutant hunters calling themselves the Marauders. It is not known why they attacked.


Big Green Rage monster v2 #2: Smith is meeting with Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four about meeting some metal demands that is needed for experiments. After a large exploison rocks downtown SF, the group fights a large green monster with the help of Captain America, Wolverine, and Speedball (who sadly loses his life). The group manages to defeat the Hulking (see what I did here?) monster, who then shrinks down into a kind of scrawny white male. Who is taken over by SHIELD.



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